Tuesday, October 26, 2004

God Transcendent

"Whatever God is, he is infinitely so: he is infinite Wisdom, infinite Goodness, infinite Knowledge, infinite Power, infinite Spirit; infinitely distant from the weakness of creatures, infinitely mounted above the excellencies of creatures: as easy to be known that he is, as impossible to
be comprehended what he is. Conceive of him as excellent, without any imperfection; a Spirit without parts; great without quantity; perfect without quality; everywhere without place: powerful without members; understanding without ignorance; wise without reasoning; light without darkness; infinitely more excelling the beauty of all creatures, than the light in the sun, pure and unviolated, exceeds the splendor of the sun dispersed and divided through a cloudy and misty air: and when you have risen to the highest, conceive him yet infinitely above all you can conceive of spirit, and acknowledge the infirmity of your own minds. And whatsoever conception comes into your minds, say, 'This is not God; God is more than this.'" - Stephen Charnock

I was pondering this last phrase of Charnock's and found myself amazed:

When you think of his kindness and you are swept aside, and your heart flooded with a realisation of how kind he is, and you feel that you have to say "Stop Lord, I can't take anymore." Stop and say "This isn't God, he is much kinder even than this."

When you move to a deeper understanding of his love, say, "This isn't God, I am only dipping my toes in at the edge of a vast ocean of his love and grace and mercy. He is much more than this."

When you begin to wonder at the depths of his holiness, and to tremble at the awful offence that sin is, and how utterly terrible Hell will be - say to yourself, "This isn't God - How much more Holy God really is than my understanding of him."

When you find yourself seeing something of the wonderful extends of his sovereignty, how he controls every detail and orchestrates the timing of the lives of 4 billion people so that they intersect at the appropriate moments, and you are amazed - say to yourself, "This isn't God, he is much greater than this."

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