Saturday, April 23, 2005

Book Reviews

One of the problems of using Blogger is that it's hard to index things. Over the last while I've reviewed a number of books - Here are all the links gathered together into one post. I'll stick a permanent link to this on the sidebar and add all other book reviews to it.

The Power & the Fury - Dale Ralph Davis (2 Kings)
Apostasy, Destruction and Hope -Roger Ellsworth (2 Kings)

Basics for Believers - DA Carson (Philippians)
Be Patient: God hasn't finished with me yet - Roger Ellsworth (Jacob)

A House of Prayer - Andrew Stewart (1 Chronicles)

Corner Conversations - Randy Newman
Questioning Evangelism - Randy Newman - Kregel Publications

Preaching & Church Issues
Preaching Christ - Edgar Andrews
The Big Picture for Small Churches by John Benton - Evangelical Press

Christian Living
Being a Christian Husband - Colin Hamer
Humility: True Greatness - CJ Mahaney
Sex, Romance & the Glory Of God by C. J. Mahaney
Why does being a Christian have to be so hard - Peter Golding - Evangelical Press
Not even a Hint - Joshua Harris
Don't Waste your Life - John Piper - Crossway

War and Grace - Don Stephens

The Potter's Freedom - James White
God, Satan & the Jews - F.S. Leahy
The Bond of Love - David McKay - Christian Focus
The End Times made Simple - Sam Waldron - Calvary Press
The Biblical Doctrine of Heaven and Hell - Edward Donnelly - Banner of Truth
The Existence and attributes of God - Stephen Charnock - Baker Books

The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God - John Piper with photography by Ric Ergenbright
The Cross he Bore - Fredrick Leahy - Banner of Truth

The DaVinci Code on Trial by Stephen Clark - Evangelical Press of Wales
Cracking DaVinci's Code - James Garlow, Peter Jones
The Da Vinci Code – From Dan Brown’s Fiction to Mary Magdalene’s Faith
Garry Williams

The Edge of Known Reality and Beyond – Jonathan Skinner

And here's a link to another couple of posts on reading

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