Thursday, February 16, 2006

Book Review - "The Edge of Known Reality"

The Edge of Known Reality and Beyond – Jonathan Skinner
Evangelical Press

Weird title; sounds as if it was written by Buzz Lightyear – but don’t let that put you off! This is a particularly useful book on the existence of God.

It starts off asking the question “Why are we here?” not a question of purpose, but a question of cause – what caused us to be here? Skinner then looks briefly at the evidence of design from science, and chapter two has several great quotes and examples from different scientists.

He then moves on, having established that there is a designer to ask “What is this designer like?”. To answer that question he looks at what the designer has said about himself in the Bible, and at how we can know whether the Bible is really the designer’s word.

Skinner comes to the crunch chapters in closing as he presents the ultimate proof that God exists as he looks at Jesus and at what he said. Here is crisp and clear presentation of the gospel. And that’s really what this book is – and evangelistic book. It’s one to give away to those who are asking questions about God’s existence and perhaps are hung up on the science question (although it doesn’t deal comprehensively with it).

All in all it’s a fairly brief, and not overly heavy, survey of the facts (72 pages of reading), aimed at university/secondary school students.

Worth reading, with a view to giving away.

Mark Loughridge

PS If you’ve broadband and are looking for an excellent talk on God and Science check out this link

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