Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Is your reading broad enough?

A few years ago I decided to start keeping a record of the books I read each year. This was partly inspired by a comment by my late great-uncle that he read on average one hundred books a year, and partly by the fact that I'm quite sad and like keeping a record of this sort of thing.

Once I started keeping a list of the books I had read, I noticed a pattern: There were areas of Christian reading that I never touched at all. I suppose we all have our own favourite types of writing that we automatically reach for. So I decided to break the list down into categories and keep a record. That way I could make sure my natural tendancies didnt cause me to leave out whole sections of the library - eg. biography, and church history.

Anyhow, I thought I'd give you my list of categories (in which I also include secular reading, since I dont want to become a complete hermit). Feel free to add and develop as you see fit.

Christian Living
Church History


Books in Process

Happy Reading!

PS the nearest I've come to by great-uncle's total is 65. I found his notebook, where he kept a record and I see that the highest he achieved was 143!

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