Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recent reading & listening

Books I have read recently that are worth reading (and also worth me reviewing at some stage!):

The Reason for God - Tim Keller
Belter apologetics - winsome, gentle, well-read, humble - the way to go

Promoting the Gospel - John Dickson
Non-guilt inducing book on evangelism - very encouraging and a balanced insight into how evangelism can have its place in everyday life.

The Christian in Complete Armour - William Gurnall
As part of my own version of the Puritan Paperback Challenge I substituted the 3 volumes on the Armour of God for others I had already read - great stuff.

Audio worth listening to:

CJ Mahaney interviews Sinclair Ferguson - great stuff. Worth it just to hear CJ weep at Ferguson describing Christ in Gethsemane. Does Christ work on your behalf move you to tears?

Ask Pastor John - 5 minute Q&A with John Piper - check the archives - some great questions dealt with.

Don Carson preaching on the Pastor as Father and Son - refering to his own father. Personal and insightful.

Dale Ralph Davis on Psalm 124 - first class

CJ Mahaney ministered to my soul with this message from Together for the Gospel - "Sustaining a Pastor's soul" - you have to wait about 15 minutes from him to really get going, but once he does...

My little brother on "Warnings about the coming Judgment" from Luke 12:49-13:9 - sobering and thought provoking

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